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Share your appreciation

Here's Your Chance

to see what others are saying

and to share your Love and Thoughts

on Our Beloved President and First Family. In gratitude and acknowledgement (to President Obama) for great service and being a light to our nation and world.

Our Declaration

Yes, President Obama leaves the office of the U.S. Presidency

but not our hearts, souls and history.

Mr. Barack Obama, our 44th President, love him or hate him

He, plainly loved this country and he always put the U.S. interests first


If you had the President's ear for two minutes, what would you say?

Please share – and who knows Mr. Obama, himself, might read this Blog.

(hint) We have people in high places that promise to share it with him.

So here's your chance – to share your appreciation.

And Win a Prize – of presidential proportions

For the best message, as chosen by our editing team, monthly, we will present a FREE game package: including an Obama-Mania Game, Obama wall stickers and dollar sets.

Note: Send your message and a photo to

or add your comment below (in box)

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