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President Obama Legacy

What of Obama's Legacy?

The popular media reports that President Obama's legacy is on the brink of being possibly reversed or erased, by the counter doing's of the (at this point) incoming administration. And sure, many of President Obama's signature, progressive innitiatives,  like Universal Health Care, Marriage Equaility, etc are areas that our newly elected leader has indeed, long and often, vowed to do just that (erase).


But “what a bunch of marlarky” (as V.P. Joe Biden would say) to consider these few inniatives as the height of President Obama's legacy. Yes, to corner just these innitiatives as his true legacy is either bias, blindness, or forgetfulness.

In short President Obama's legacy is Saving the World. Yes, Obama's legacy is actually saving the U.S. Economy, it's Markets and the Free worlds, as well, - for the world markets would've indeed collapsed following a failure of our own. For, let's not forget (or if you're too young to know) that as he entered office, America was on the brink of a great depression and a sure an economic collapse.

And the truth is, President Obama, pre-taking possession of the office, hand-picked a team of the countries best (regardless of any party affiliation) economists, finance and banking experts, auto and housing industry brains, etc and went to work. And these patriots together unselfishly, under President Obama's leadership, brought the country back to health and vibrancy (a feat that the prior administration couldn't or wouldn't step up to).

Plus, President Barack Obama, to his awesome credit (and our immense gratitude and pride) remember, even brought to final justice, international terrorist, fugitive and criminal, Osama Bin Laden -  the notorious mastermind of the 9-11 catasthrophy. And this also, his own predecessor was unable to accomplish.


And these are, undisputedly, greater than all his other acts. And these endeavors (set in time) can never be undone. Yes, President Obama's legacy, is saving the U.S. And the free world from doom. Seldom has a country owed one man so much, as we and the world owe to this great statesman, the 44th President of the U.S., Barack Hussein Obama.

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