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The Obama-Mania Game

​The Race to the White House Game

Obama-Mania is an exciting, educational board game that makes each player the Chief Strategist and the Commander of Fun.

The object of the game is to reach the goal line (The White House) first and whole. But on the way, each player - each strategist - has many crucial decisions to make, adversaries to tend with and challenges to meet.
And also to win, besides being first, a player must also meet two additional qualifiers for victory (1) being financially solvent (having a cash flow) and (2) having obtained 270 electoral votes - just as was necessary in the real campaign.

‘Obama -Mania is a game of strategy, wit and a bit of chance. And, you’re the Chief Strategist - the policy maker - for Candidate Obama. And Playing the game is easy as one, two, three, (1) Player Spins arrow, (2) Player Moves to the designated Board Space and follow its direction and (3) Pulls a Quiz Card, answer its questions and receives any earned (token) points - and, on to the next player.


Now, the Token Points, for correct Quiz Card answers, are important because at the game’s finish line these can be converted to either Electoral Votes or Cash, to help the lead player secure victory.

The Obama-Mania Game board also offers an historical account and fun filled lesson on President Obama’s amazingly successful run for the White House. See, the board’s path  (with its highlights and pitfalls) is a chronology of Obama’s actual historical campaign. And more so, the Publishers, UniFirst Creative, are proudest of the strong educational and historical components of the game. And a special highlight is the 120 Quiz Card questions which are a mixture of historical, governmental, electoral, and both civil and voting rights questions.  And on top of this, there’s also a free 20 page study booklet, which includes all the questions and answers of the Quiz Cards. So, education and historical knowledge is indeed the goal of this lesson in a game box. And, in every mention of this game its, as well, promoted by the publishers as being FUN-tastic, Educational and Historical!

On the Obama-Mania Game- it’s a beautiful, fun, educational and historical boardgame on Obama’s race for the White house, It’s also part trivia with questions on the US Government, the electoral process, voting rights history, and of course Obama. It’s a unique game of strategy (for 2 to 6 players) where each player assumes the role of Osama’s Chief Strategist and has a duty to get his candidate to the Whitehouse first and whole. All players (pawns) begin on the board at START, which is at the Illinois Senate. And the first one that navigates through the many political pitfalls to make it to the END, which is the Whitehouse, with 270 electoral votes and is Financial Sound (all debts paid) is declared THE WINNER.


The game components include the game board, spin wheel, cash tray (of million dollar denominations) Electoral Vote cards, Quiz Cards, Line of Credit Cards and more.


And, it’s not necessary to be well versed in history or politics to win at ‘Obama-Mania’ as the trivia questions are only a small equation in winning the game. However, that all citizens might become more proficient, in the above, a FREE 24 page reference booklet, containing all the questions and answers from the QuizCards is included, to review pre-game. So yes, have fun while expanding your knowledge base. Only a few thousands of this sure Collectors Item were made. And each comes with a Seal of Authencity. So, now's your chance to commenerate President Obama's legacy and own a piece of history.

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