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Playing is EZ as 1,2,3

Preparations - Getting Game Ready!
  • Players choose a playing piece (pawn) and line up at START mark

  • Each Player starts with 50 Million Dollars Campaign Cash (dist by banker)

  • And with a 100 Million LINE OF CREDIT. (Note the credit must be repaid, to win)

  • A banker / dealer is selected by the highest spin on wheel

  • (The banker distributes all monies, tokens and award all cards)

Of the Obama-Mania Game Rules

How to play the game ( 3 Steps )


One, A Player spins the Spin wheel

Two, move pawn (on board) the number indicated
and follow directions (of that space)

Three, pull a QUIZ-CARD, answer question

and receive 1 token for each correct answer

How to Win ( 3 Steps )

It’s also 3 steps necessary to win

One, be the first is to reach the Finish Line

Two, be financially sound, that is,
be able to repay for any credit obtained and have $$ left

Three, must have 270 ELECTORAL VOTES just like in the real election

Players gain ELECTORAL VOTES by landing on and often just for passing an Electoral Vote square.

A good strategy is to scout out the playing board ahead,

  to know where these (Electoral Vote Squares) are.


  And if a player lands on a Shortcut Square, for strategy

  they can choose to take the shortcut or not.

This is a game of STRATEGY – and each player is acting as the Chief Strategist for the presidential candidate,

   Obama. So each strategist must make the best decisions to help Obama reach the White House, with all

                             three (3) steps (above) met before your opponents do.

Play 2 Win and Win 4 the U. S.

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